International Writing Competition for Students

“Cathartic moments” – The art of writing short

4th Edition

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Conditions of entry


Within GEF2018 is organized an international writing competition for students, “Cathartic moments” the art of writing short in collaboration with Flavio Oreglio.


Art. 2 – Categories:

The competition consists of 3 categories:

  1. Epigrammi ( cathartic poetry)
  2. Aforismi ( short story in prose)
  3. Short stories ( short stories with a final surprise)


Art. 3 – Sections

Competitors can be both single students and full class groups, and they must be coordinated by a member of the teaching staff, which we will refer to as “referring teacher” Competitors can come from state or registered private schools from all nations, and will be in three separate sections:

A – Primary School

B – Lower Secondary Schools

C – Higher Secondary Schools

Prizes will be awarded to: the winning student/s or class group, the referring teacher and the School of provenance in each section.


Art. 4 – Categories

The competition consists of the following categories:


Short poems with a final surprise, referring to Greek and Latin epigrammists rediscovered thanks to Poems by Flavio Oreglio. Free theme and metrics. Only must, the end have to be with a surprise, the kind the Greece called “aprosdoketon”, that is unexpected, and the Latins called “in cauda venenum”.

It’s Christmas
I can see the flying reindeers
And I’m afraid….
The reindeers are not pigeons.

Rule: The text should be maximum 3 verses ( recommended but not necessary binding).



Short stories written in prose can have any subject and not necessarily be humorous.


“You know yourself”
“One day the lion and the sheep will sleep together…… but the sheep will sleep very little”.

Rule: It can be one to three lines. Recommended two lines.


Short stories

Short stories with a final surprise. There are no time or setting restrictions for “short stories” episodes and characters can be of any type.


A father took his son on the top of a hill and he put his hand on the shoulder saying very seriously: “Everything you can see now will be yours one day”. Then, as if nothing had happened, the father took his son back home, with care, holding his hand.

Finally at home he unbandage his sons eyes and put him to bed.

Rule: Maximum length 1 “cartella” (1 standard “cartella” consists of 30 lines and 60 characters, with spaces).


No erotic, vulgar or offensive themes are allowed.

A manuscript may be accompanied by one (cover) or more original drawings relating to the text (optional).

Each competitor will declare under his/her responsibility that the text submitted is an original work and that he/she is the author that no part of the narrative is in violation of any law, and/or any other individual rights. In particular the text submitted does not have any disparaging or defamatory contents, in any way or form, and it is not in violation of privacy laws. Should this occur, the writer will be the sole person to be held responsible.

All competitors must be at their first experience that is they must never have published any original manuscript.


Art. 5 – Date

Each text submitted must indicate the following:

  • Student/s or participating class group
  • School of provenance and school’s address
  • Name, surname and original signature of the referring teacher
  • Name, surname and original signature of the school principal and school stamp

A school is entitled to register a maximum of five works in each category. An individual student can only register one piece of work.


Art. 6 – Registration

All registrations must be sent by post or couriered to: GEF – Concorso “scriviAmo” – Via Roma, 166 – 18038 Sanremo (Italy). Registration can also be pre-announced by e-mail a

Registrations must also include a copy of the receipt proving that the amount of € 250 net has been deposited as a “school’s guarantee downpayment” (Schools in the Provincia di Imperia are excluded).

The amount of school’s guarantee downpayment: a) will be deducted from the final payment of the “accommodation package” of the finalist schools or b) will be reimbursed to the schools, which have not been admitted to the finals in Sanremo.

This amount will not be reimbursed and will be kept as expenses when schools will cancel of their own initiative.

All school’s guarantee downpayments must be made to the following account:

  • UNICREDIT BANCA agenzia Arma di Taggia
  • Beneficiario: KISMET srl
  • Causale: CAUZIONE (please clearly specify the name of the school)
  • IBAN: IT 59 G 02008 49090 000010138260

Credit card payments are not accepted


Art 7

All works must be sent by 12 February 2018, as demonstrated by the postmark affixed upon sending them. Where the required documentation and registration form will be sent beyond this date it will not be in conformity with the terms of our regulations, and will not be considered for classification and awards in the competition.

Those admitted to the finals in Sanremo will be notified by 26 February 2018.

Students and schools that have been admitted must confirm their participation in writing and by registered post by 05 March 2018. enclosing a,b, (formes received with our confirm):

  1. a) the hotel accommodation form filled in with proof of payment for the whole stay of the school;
  2. b) a list with all participants, teachers and accompanying persons.


Art. 8 – The Panel

The Panel, which will select and determine the final classification, will consist of personalities from the world of literature, publishing, culture and Education, the judges’ decisions will be final and they will indicate the winners and the winning works.

The winners of each section in each category will be awarded prizes and among them the absolute winner among the winners of each section will be selected. Based on the contents of works received the members of the panel may decide not to declare winners in one or more sections or categories, declare on two or more winners in the same section and/or e/o award other prizes. The panel’s decisions are final.

The winners will receive their awards in Sanremo at Teatro Ariston, during one of the shows as part of the finals of GEF. A winner not attending the event cannot claim for their prizes later on.


Art. 9

All entrants and each school taking part in the competition finals in Sanremo will undertake to pay for its own board and lodgings. For reasons of organization and event management, finalists, accompanying adults and/or anyone spending nights in Sanremo while taking part in GEF 2018, will need to stay at least two nights and book through GEF choosing accommodation from our price list in order to gain accreditation and be able to take part in the competition finals. (minimo three nights for schools participating in Theatre or Musical).

Each school admitted to the finals will be sent a booking-form by the booking organization outlining modes of payment.

Considering the thousands of bookings processed during the previous edition of GEF, early bookings are highly recommended.

All official participants in GEF’s final stages will receive GEF’s gadgets.

Title of each finalist work and the name of the school will be included in the official bilingual catalogue (Italian/English) of GEF.


Art. 10

A final performance will take place on Saturday evening April 21, 2018, at Teatro Ariston, with performances and a GEF award presentation to the assigned winners of the music, dance and fashion competitions. Also other competition winners will receive their awards. During the evening the winner of the prestigious prize “Global Education Award” will also receive their award, which is the only international education prize awarded each year to persons and associations who through their thoughts, words and actions, have fostered the growth and development of education.



GEF reserves the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event in its entirety or in part, using any medium (print, photography, radio, television, audio-visual, internet, etc.) and to accompany the event with one or more promotion or publicity, without owing any payments to anyone or to any participants.

GEF ask to receive the privacy forms filled in and signed. (see art.12)


Art. 12

  1. PRIVACY : Information and consent form according to sections 13, 23 e 26 of Decree.30.06.2003 n. 196, regarding the protection of privacy and personal details.
  2. TV ACQUITTANCE (consent form)–permission to broadcast filming of students


Art. 13

Any changes to the competition finals in Sanremo, which might occur due to technical or administrative reasons will be notified forthwith to the interested parties.


Art. 14

All works received will remain the property of GEF and will be published or used in other shows at GEF’s discretion. No money will be owed to anyone or to any participant.



All printed matter and logos are protected by copyright; therefore any unauthorized use is forbidden. Anyone trying to use any of them without authorization will be duly prosecuted.


Art. 16

GEF’s Organizing Committee, the promoting association and the company providing technical support will not accept any liability for personal or material injuries or accidents occurring while travelling or during the Festival.


Art. 17

Anyone taking part in the event is expected to have read and understood the conditions set by these regulations and to accept them unconditionally. Participation to the event also implies that each participant explicitly agrees to allow GEF to access its archives and process all personal data provided, according to the Act D.L. n. 196 del 30/6/2003, and admits knowledge of his/her rights as set of the above mentioned Act of Parliament.


Download the complete “conditions of entry” in PDF
(click on the link or PDF image above)