Sanremo: May, 4 – 7 2016

With its 18 years of international success, GEF – The World Festival of Creativity in Schools – is a fundamental
reference point in the world of schools. This year again this event has attracted, students, teachers, and education
specialists from Italy and other countries to the Sanremo Finals.
As well as the excellent running of the event , the presence of 4,000 people in hotels, with some coming from over
24 different European and overseas countries, confirms once more the relevance of GEF as the most important
creative meeting for schools worldwide.
In 2016 GEF’s finals were held concurrently at several venues in Sanremo, namely: Teatro Ariston (music, dance
and ballet, fashion, and the closing ceremony), Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò (theatre, cinema, musical, forum and
meetings), Ariston “Sala GEF” (Educ-Arte and School Expo), and the streets in the central district (“Ciao GEF”,
parade of all schools and finalists of “sanremoJunior”). Of course each competition boasted highly qualified
international juries.
GEF has obtained the patronage of the European Commission (Italian Office), it is endorsed by the President of the
Italian Republic, and is under the patronage of the Italian Senate, the Department of Defence, the Ligurian Region,
the Province of Imperia, the Municipality of Sanremo, UNESCO (its National Italian Commission), UNICEF (Italian
Committee), International Institute of Humanitarian Rights, AISA (that is Italian Ataxia Association), Dismamusica
and SIAE (or Italian Association for the protection of Authors and Publishers).
Cav. Uff. Paolo Alberti, the creator of GEF and its President, has been awarded for GEF:
ı The Bronze medal of the President of the Italian Republic
ı The Bronze medal of the Senate of the Italian Republic
A relevant addition this year was the awarding of the “World Sport Education Award” to the Ju-Jitsu International
Federation. This award was received on behalf of the Federation, by the world Vice President and former Olympic
athlete Dr. Igor Lanzoni.
The theme of this year’s GEF “Migrant Children”, which was discussed during a Forum for students and teachers, at
Teatro dell’Opera del Casinò, saw the participation of prestigious speakers and a viewing of a video by and with
Nino Frassica. The Teatro dell’Opera of Casinò, also hosted a meeting with “Santa Claus”, which was very well
attended in a splendid and pleasant atmosphere.
During the award night, GEF’s Global Education Award 2016 was actually given to “Santa Claus”, the original Santa
Claus from Rovaniemi in Lapland (Finland), who received his award in person accompanied by the Finnish Town’s
The 7th edition of “sanremoJunior” was also a resounding success. This is an independent and parallel event
during which the finalist singers, aged from 6 to 15 years, performed at the Teatro Ariston with the Sanremo
Symphony Orchestra – conducted by Artistic Director and tenured conductor, Maestro Gian Carlo De Lorenzo. The
’Orchestra Ritmica of “sanremoJunior”, also played with its 37 elements. This year we achieved a record number of
nations represented, namely 16 (Italy, France, Belarus, Serbia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Malta, Romania, Jordan,
Israel, Turkey, United States, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and South Africa) with 20 performers competing.
The brilliant pair presenting the shows of both “sanremoJunior” and GEF, were: Iaeli Anselmo, a young Italian
actress who moved to Los Angeles in recent years and Maurilio Giordana, a popular entertainer and radio
Italian and International Television stations have broadcast reports on GEF and News reports on GEF have
appeared in several major national and international newspapers, and on internet.