Un Fiore in Cucina

“A Flower in the Kitchen”

1st Edition


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Conditions of entry


Cooking with flowers not just as a decoration but as the main ingredient of the recipes, is a growing trend with an ever increasing number of fans internationally.

The competition “A flower in the kitchen” is now part of the 22nd edition of GEF – The World Festival of Creativity in Schools – with the finals to be held in Sanremo Italy.

This competition within GEF aims to promote the gastronomic aspect of flowers in cooperation with the Associazione “Ristoranti della Tavolozza” (“Restaurants of  the Palette” Association ndt) and the “Villa Ormond Events” Foundation.

Art. 2

Italian and non Italian government and registered private schools can apply for the “A flower in the kitchen” competition.

The competition consists of 3 sections:

  • A – Primary Schools
  • B – Lower Secondary Schools
  • C – Higher  Secondary Schools

Students applying must not be over the age of 19


Art. 3

In order to participate to the competition schools must present an unpublished recipe with an edible flower as one of the main ingredients. The flower must not be used just as a decoration on the plate. The recipe can be:

  • An entree
  • A first course
  • A main course
  • A dessert.

Each participating school can present as many as 3 recipes.

Each recipe must include at least three digital photos of the completed dish (in.jpg or .png and not exceed 5 Mb)

Each participating school must include a page with the recipe and :

  • The name of the recipe,
  • A short presentation of the inspiring theme,
  • The ingredients,
  • A description of the preparation, and
  • Preparation time.

The recipes and the description of the ingredients as well as the required materials must be written in Italian (Italian Schools) and in English (non-Italian Schools).

Art. 4

Each school must also send a completed application form with attachments including:

  • Name, address and type of school
  • Name, surname and signature of the school Principal
  • Name and surname of the referring teacher for the competition “A flower in the kitchen”
  • A list of all ingredients including the precise quantities of each ingredient used
  • A list of the implements needed to prepare the recipe
  • A list of all the participating students from the school. All participants must be current students in that school.
  • Application forms must be received by the 17th of  February 2020 by e-mail info@gef.it or by post: KISMET – GEF – “Un fiore in cucina” – Via Roma, 166 – 18038 Sanremo (Italy). The postmark will be used as proof of date.

The application must also include the following – without them participants may be excluded from the competition:

  • All the above mentioned materials
  • A copy of the payment of € 250 net, as “a bond for the school” (excluding schools in  the Province of Imperia).

This “bond”: a) will be deducted from the final payment for the hotel package of the finalist schools or b) it will be reimbursed to the schools not admitted to the Sanremo finals. The bond will not be refunded to the schools cancelling of their own accord and will be kept by the organization to cover expenses incurred.

Please note: if a school participates in several competitions it will need to pay only one bond rather than one for each competition.

All bonds must be deposited on the following bank account:

UniCreditBANCA agency Arma di Taggia
Beneficiary: KISMET srl
Causal: Deposit (and the name of the school)
IBAN: IT 59 G 02008 49090 000010138260

Credit card payments will not be accepted.

Art. 5

The schools which pass the selection process and are admitted to the final stage of the Festival will be notified, including an indication of the recipe selected by the 27th of February 2020.

The schools admitted to the final stage of the Festival must confirm their acceptance in writing by e mail / registered mail by the 5th of March 2020, including the fully completed forms, which they will have received from us with our confirmation and they must notify us about the following:

  1. Technical specifications
  2. A completed hotel booking form with a copy of the whole payment made to the above bank account.
  3. A complete list with the full name and surname of each official participant, each teacher, school principal, family members, chaperones etc..

Art. 6

The schools will be admitted to the Finals in Sanremo after being judged by a panel of experts in the field, based on the project/s submitted. The panel is appointed by GEF in cooperation with Associazione Ristoranti della Tavolozza (Association of Restaurants of the Palette ndt) and other cooperating associations. The panel will consist of experts, namely: chefs, and other workers in the field as well as gourmet food journalists. They will select the winning school and award other special prizes.

The decisions of the selection committee and of the panel of experts are final.

The winning school and those schools awarded other prizes will receive their awards on stage at the Teatro Ariston during the final show of GEF 2020.

Art. 7

The winning school will be awarded the prestigious “Delfino d’Argento GEF” (GEF’s silver dolphin ndt)

The Committee reserves the right to award special prizes for:

– the recipe, which is better suited for gourmet restaurants

– the most original and creative recipe

Art. 8


Preparation of recipe – The schools, which qualify for the competition finals will be given 60 minutes to prepare the recipe in a live presentation in front of GEF’s panel, namely: chefs, gourmet food journalists and other experts in the field. They will declare the winner and will award special prizes. The bases of preparations can be prepared beforehand.

The Committee will provide, free of charge:

  • The venue for the finals
  • The equipment necessary to prepare the recipe in a live presentation, and
  • The ingredients needed to prepare the recipe

Art. 9

All participants and each school taking part in the Sanremo Finals of the competition (excluding the schools in the Province of Imperia) are committed to pay for their accommodation. To assist with the organization and to control the situation, the finalists, their adult chaperones and/or anyone spending nights in Sanremo as a participant in GEF 2020, must spend a minimum of three nights and book through GEF choosing their accommodation out of our price list to be found on our site www.gef.it. This will enable them to be accredited and allowed to take part in the competition Finals. Each school admitted to the Finals will be sent a registration form by the organization outlining modes of payment. Based on our previous experience with thousands of registrations during the past edition of GEF, you are advised to register as early as possible.

All official participants in GEF’s final stages will be handed out GEF’s gadgets.

All finalist schools will have their name printed in the official bilingual catalogue (Italian/English) of  GEF 2020.

Art. 10

The Finals of GEF will take place at Teatro Ariston di Sanremo on Saturday 25th of April, with the performances and prize giving to the winners of the following competitions:

Music, Dance and Ballet, and Fashion. The “Global Education Award”, will be presented during that event. This is the only international education prize awarded yearly to people and/or associations, which, through thoughts, words and actions have fostered the growth and development of education and culture.

Art. 11

GEF’s Organization reserves the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event, in its entirety or in part, using any medium (print, photography, radio, television, audio-video, internet etc.) and accompanying the event with one or more promotions or publicity, without owing any payment to anyone. That includes all participants.

GEF’s Organization requests that privacy forms be returned completed and signed.

Art. 12

Each school and association must return to us consent forms pursuant to UE regulation n.679 / 2016 (GDPR) about the protection of personal data.

Art. 13

The competition Finals in Sanremo may undergo changes due to technical or organizational reasons; however these will be communicated ASAP to all interested parties.

Art. 14

All the recipes submitted will remain the property of GEF, which will reserve its right to publish them or use them in other events without owing any payment to anyone, including all participants.

Art. 15

All printed matter and logos are protected by copyright; therefore any use or reproductions with any means are prohibited. Anyone using all or part of the above without express authorization will be prosecuted.

Art. 16

GEF’s Organizing Committee, cooperating Associations and the Company providing technical support, will not be liable for any personal injury or damages to materials, or for accidents occurring while travelling to and from GEF  or during the Festival.

Art. 17

It is assumed that anyone taking part in the event will have read and understood the conditions set out in these Regulations and will have accepted them unconditionally. Participation to the event implies that each participant will explicitly accept to allow GEF to access their archives and process all received personal data, pursuant to UE Regulation No.679 / 2016 (GDPR) concerning the protection of personal data.