International School Movie Festival

17th Edition

Theme “Free Topic”

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Conditions of Entry


The “International School Movie Festival” supports creativity and visual arts education.

During the finals of the “International School Movie Festival” in Sanremo, the authors of the movies selected will be able to make a short presentation of their work

The following activities will also be organized:

  • A gathering and forum, at the end of screenings of finalist movies with students, teachers and cinema experts, to discuss the works presented.

Art. 1


“Free Topic”


Art. 2

Italian and non Italian schools can compete by entering a TV advertisement (lasting no longer than one minute) or a short movie ( max 15 minutes) produced by the students with the participation of teachers from the school attended and eventually with the collaboration of external agents.

Schools will be divided into the following categories:

A – Pre-schools and Primary Schools

B – Lower Secondary Schools

C – Upper Secondary Schools

D – Special section - Schools of Cinema, cultural associations of youth, religious or other types of youth clubs.

Art. 3

Films presented can be in Italian, English, Spanish, French or German.

No publicity is allowed in the movies.

Each school may enter one or more movies up to a maximum of 3.

Art. 4

How to enter

Schools wishing to enter the competition must submit two copies of the film produced to :

"GEF- International School Movie Festival"- Via Roma, 166 -18038 Sanremo - Italy, within the 22nd of February 2017.

All works entered must be accompanied by:

  • A completed registration form.
  • A list of names of the group/class who produced the work as in Art.2
  • A photo of the entire group/class who produced the work
  • Proof of payment of a “school’s deposit as a guarantee for expenses” € 250,00. a) The deposit will be deducted from the total amount to pay for the school’s accommodation in Sanremo b) the deposit will be reimbursed to schools not admitted to the finals in Sanremo.

“The School’s deposit as a guarantee for expenses“ will be retained only if the school decide to cancel their participation.


A School participating in more than one competition in GEF can pay one “school’s deposit as a guarantee for expenses”, and not a deposit for each competition.


Deposits must be paid to:

UniCreditBANCA agency Arma di Taggia

Beneficiary:             KISMET srl

Causal: Deposit (and the name of the school)

IBAN: IT 59 G 02008 49090 000010138260


No other payment methods accepted.

Art. 5

Films entered may be in the following formats: CD or DVD and two copies must be submitted.


Art. 6

A panel of experts appointed by GEF’s Committee, will select and short-list films for the Sanremo finals and as well as selecting the winning films.


Art. 7

Screening of finalist films

Each finalist movie will be screened in Sanremo during the final stages of GEF.

After the screening of each film selected a forum will be held with the participation of the members of the panel and the authors of each video. The authors of the movies selected may provide a brief foreword on their work, explaining the video’s aims, intentions, technical details of the production, target audience etc. Such presentation may not be longer than tree (3) minutes.

GEF’s organizing committee will not accept any liability for work submitted using faulty materials or in different formats than those requested.


Art. 8

Prizes will be given to the winners of each section and the absolute winner will receive the prestigious “School Creativity Award” (Silver Dolphin).

The jury reserves the right to select winners in one or more sections, award two or more winners in the same section and/or award other prizes.

The panel’s decisions are final.

The winning schools will receive their prizes in Sanremo during one of the final performances of GEF 2017.

A winner not attending the event cannot claim for their prizes later on.

All finalist schools will receive GEF’s participating certificate.

All finalist schools will be entered into the official GEF bilingual (Italian/English) festival programme.

Art. 9

All materials received will remain the property of GEF. Videos will not be returned, as they will go into our archives of the event for artistic and cultural purposes.

Art. 10

Entrants who have qualified for the finals will be notified by March 7, 2017. The schools must confirm in writing, by registered mail/letter by March 14, 2017, enclosing all forms ( a, b, c, d) received with our confirm) completely filled in:

a) SIAE card, copyrights;

b) Specification for SIAE when music is without copyright fee. Schools admitted to the competition finals whose work/s are not subject to SIAE copyright payments, must state so in writing by sending a letter of authorization to the organizing committee.

c) hotel accommodation form filled in with copy of the whole payment for the stay in Sanremo.


d) a passport sized photo of each participant, teacher etc, with full name on, .
Art. 11

GEF may require to sign a release agreement, thus reserving the right to record and/or broadcast the event in its entirety or in part, using any medium (print, photography, radio, television, audio-visual etc.). GEF may also choose to accompany the event with one or more promotion or publicity, without owing any payments to anyone, or to any participants.

GEF ask to receive the privacy forms filled in and signed. (see art.15)


Art. 12

All entrants and each school taking part in the competition finals in Sanremo will undertake to pay for its own board and lodgings. For reasons of organization and event management, finalists, accompanying adults and/or anyone spending nights in Sanremo while taking part in GEF 2016, will need to stay at least two nights and book through GEF choosing accommodation from our price list in order to gain accreditation and be able to take part in the competition finals.

Each school admitted to the finals will be sent a booking-form by the booking organization outlining modes of payment.

Considering the thousands of bookings processed during the previous edition of GEF, early bookings are highly recommended.

All official participants in GEF’s final stages will receive GEF’s gadgets.


Art. 13

A final performance will take place on Saturday evening May 6, 2017, at Teatro Ariston, with performances and a GEF award presentation to the assigned winners of the music, dance and fashion competitions. Also other competition winners will receive their awards. During the evening the winner of the prestigious prize “Global Education Award” will also receive their award, which is the only international education prize awarded each year to persons and associations who through their thoughts, words and actions, have fostered the growth and development of education. Also the “Music & Education Award” and the “Sport & Education Award” 2017 will be given.


Art. 14

GEF reserves the right to record and/or film and/or broadcast the event in its entirety or in part, using any medium (print, photography, radio, television, audio-visual, internet, etc.) and to accompany the event with one or more promotion or publicity, without owing any payments to anyone including all participants.

GEF ask to receive the privacy forms filled in and signed. (see art.15)

Art. 15

1 - PRIVACY : Information and consent form according to sections 13, 23 e 26 of Decree.30.06.2003 n. 196, regarding the protection of privacy and personal details.

2 –TV ACQUITTANCE (consent form)permission to broadcast filming of students
Art. 16

The competition finals in Sanremo may undergo some changes due to technical or organizational factors, however these will be communicated forthwith to all interested parties.


Art. 17

All works received will remain the property of GEF. GEF reserves the right to publish or used them in other shows without owing any payments to anyone including all participants.


Art. 18

GEF’s Organizing Committee, the promoting association and the company providing technical support will not accept any liability for personal or material injuries or accidents occurring while travelling or during the Festival.


Art. 19

Anyone taking part in the event is expected to have read and understood the conditions set by these regulations and to accept them unconditionally. Participation to the event also implies that each participant explicitly agrees to allow GEF to access its archives and process all personal data provided, according to the Act D.L. n. 196 del 30/6/2003, and admits knowledge of his/her rights as set of the above mentioned Act of Parliament.


Download the complete "conditions of entry" in PDF
(click on the link or PDF image above)